Our School

To be a leading humanitarian assistance organization giving sustainable needs of the whole being.”  



Our Mission

Our institution has day school and orphanage which serves as a children home for the needy children while other pupils break for home in the evening.

We currently have two centers and more coming up. Barnabas A has a total of 350 children and Barnabas B has a total of 150 children. We have 15 teachers, 3 surbordinate staff. The orphanage accommodates 52 children.

We are guided by the usual curriculum contained in the 844 system of education in Kenya. We are a complete and competent primary school from class 1 to class 8. In the baby care unit, we have the baby class, kg1, kg2, kg3 and nursery schools.


Through friends donations we have fresh piped water and storage tanks, as back up measures we have a water well which serves our school as well as our community.


We have proposed and initiated projects as part of our future strategic plan to help us become self sustainable.


Teacher for...

My Motto...


Josephine Simiyu

Teacher for...

My Motto...


Teacher for...

My Motto...


Teacher for...

My Motto...

Meet Our Teachers


Teacher for Mathematics and Science

"Victory results from hard work."



Teacher for Grade 3

"Be the star everywhere you are."


Teacher for Mathematics and Swahili


Teacher for Grade 2

"Appreciate the way you are."



Founder and Director

"Be what you want to see."


Teacher for Mathematics, English and Swahili

"Hard work pays."


Headmaster and Teacher for Mathematics

"Smart brains give correct answers."


Teacher for PP2.

"Live your life."


Teacher for Grade 1

"Believe in yourself. You can become whoever you want to be."


Teacher for Science and English

"Stay positive... Work hard and make it happen."


Teacher for PP1

"God's grace is sufficient."


Teacher for English and Music

"Trust your dreams, they are true."


Teacher for PP1

"In God nothing is impossible."

School Activities

Our school day commence at 8 am and break for lunch at 1 pm  with two breaks in the morning. Afternoon classes start at 2 pm and end at 4 pm where pupils break for games and go home for the day scholars.

We focus to the holistic development of our children. That is why we encourage children to involve themselves in extra curriculum activities. We also have story books and a games field and a room where the children meet for entertainment.

In order to keep fit and healthy, our children participate in various activities that include 
football, volleyball, netball, athletics, poetry, drama, dancing competition or scatting.

Our team has in the recent passed led by James Juma our high school boy performed very well in poetry to the national level and other sporting activities up to the subcounty level.


Our History

The name Barnabas means sons of consolation or comfort as in the book of Acts 4:36-37 of the Holy Bible. The reason of our being is to console, give comfort and hope to the less fortunate that is the orphans, the vulnerable groups like widows and street children.

Barnabas Children Center was official born on September 2009. Before this, Harrison, the founder, lived around the area where the project is currently located for three years after high school. He saw how many children did not attend school because of poverty and that many of the children were orphans whose parents had died of HIV and AIDS. Young girls were married off at very early ages and young boys indulged in behavior like drug addiction.

Since he was raised by poor parents, Harrison missed school many days for lack of school fees. He felt so uncomfortable and was touched emotional by the troubles of children he met in Kitaruni village Utange.

The feeling towards finding a solution to the less fortunate was so deep. This gave Harrison the energy to start a school and a home which they would not need to pay to get education. He was not employed and did not have money to start the project at first. Luckily in 2007 he was employed as a teacher in a private school.

The same year he met his friends to share his dream. He tried three times but it was not successful, so he decided to move with the vision with only one of his friends. From 2007 to 2009, Harrison and his friend used to share half way their salaries to feed the first 6 children to buy detergent, soap and clothes for the kids.

By August 2009, Barnabas had a total of 6 orphans who we took care of. In September we decided to start a class. We got a room which was mud walled and palm leaf thatched. It was rough and dusty. That room was used as their class room during the day and their sleeping room at night. We got a teacher who used to pour water every morning, however this did not keep the kids away from getting jiggers.

Over the last years St. Barnabas home, school and projects have grown significantly. We have two dormitories - one for boys and one for girls. We have three permanent class rooms and an admistration office. We also have 7 semi permanent class rooms. We also have a 5 acre farm land which we have leased and we currently grow food there. You can find information on the farm and other projects here.

Our dream as a children institution is to make our Barnabas Children Center a better environment for learning for everyone.