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Our School

Our Mission
To be a leading humanitarian assistance organization giving sustainable needs of the whole being.”  



Our Mission

Our institution has two day schools and orphanage which serves as a children home for the children in need. To become self-sustainable, we initiated some projects as part of our future strategic development.

Our schools are guided by the usual curriculum contained in the CBC system of education in Kenya. We are a complete and competent primary school from class 1 to class 8. In the baby care unit, we have the baby class, pre-primary 1 and pre-primary 2.


Through donations we have fresh piped water and storage tanks to ensure our pupils hydration. As back up measures we have a water well which serves our school, as well as our community.

Our Schools

There are two schools in the Barnabas Project - Barnabas A and Barnabas B

Barnabas A functions as the main school and is way bigger than Barnabas B. In Barnabas A approximately 425 children attend to school, in Barnabas B there are 211 chilrden. For many children, especially the smaller ones, travelling to school is very difficult. By having schools in two different locations, we can now offer them a good education close to their homes.

Our orphanage, where the children in need live, is located next to Barnabas A.

In each school, qualified teachers assure the children to follow the syllabus.

Meet Our Teachers

Barnabas A

Barnabas B

School Activities and Leasure Time

Our school day commence at 8 am and break for lunch at 1 pm  with two breaks in the morning. Afternoon classes start at 2 pm and end at 4 pm where pupils break for games and go home for the day scholars.

We focus to the holistic development of our children. That is why we encourage children to involve themselves in extra curriculum activities. We also have story books and a games field and a room where the children meet for entertainment.

In order to keep fit and healthy, our children participate in various activities that include 
football, volleyball, netball, athletics, poetry, drama, dancing competition or scatting.

Teachers and volunteers organise regular trips to the nearby beach on weekends, football games or other activities.