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Our Partners

Unser Ziel
Barnabas Children Center e.V.


The "Barnabas Children Center e.V." is our dearest project - a registered association in Germany to support the school in Kenya!

We are Patrick, Lisa, Joachim, Ronja, Josefine, Annika and Jonathan and are all somehow connected to the school. Before the foundation of the association in October 2019, we partly hardly knew each other, but our common motivation to make a difference in this world unites us. We all work entirely on a volunteer basis and put our hearts and souls into helping the children and staff at Barnabas.

Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable project in order to make it independent of donations in the long run.

This includes, for example, the construction of solid buildings and wells. We are also very supportive of the large fruit and vegetable plantation, which will produce its own food and also breed rabbits, cows and chickens.

In addition, the children receive further support after they have finished school to enable them to start a career and lead an independent life.

All future measures will also be implemented according to the principle of sustainability.

If you would like to support us, whether with a school sponsorship for a child, as a supporting member of the association or for individual projects, we would be very happy to hear from you. Here you can find more information about the local needs.

If you would like to receive our irregular, yet news and picture packed newsletter (available only in German) just click on the button below.

We're delighted that you're here and that you're making the world a better place with us!

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Patrick recently wrote a wonderful blog post about his experiences in Kenya and his work with Harrison. You can find it on Patrick and Lisa's joint website or just click here if you want to go straight to the article.

To stay up to date, feel free to check out our
Instagram profile.


Our Team

Unser Team
Barnabas Patrick.jpeg


1. member of the board

Patrick got to know the project back in 2011 and has been a motivated supporter ever since.

Barnabas Lisa.jpeg


2. member of the board

Lisa is Patrick's wife and has been to Barnabas several times - she is the main contact for sponsorships.

Barnabas Joachim.jpeg


Founding member

Joachim has known the project for many years, is on site at least once a year and has already implemented many great projects.

Barnabas Ronja.jpeg


1. treasurer

Ronja already busked with Patrick in 2011 to raise funds to build the orphanage's first dormitory.

Barnabas Josefine.jpeg


Founding member

Josefine volunteered on site at the project in March 2019. She created this website and has been working for the project intensively since her visit.

Barnabas Annika.jpeg


Founding member

Anni has been familiar with the project through Patrick for many years and supports us in the association very intensively in many areas, especially in bookkeeping.

Barnabas Children Center e.V..JPG


Founding member

Marie volunteered on the project back in 2011 and has been on site several times since.

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