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Our Projects

We thrive to be self-sustainable. In order to reach our goal we are proud to show you our projects. 

As a children institution we have come up with sustainable projects to enable us to meet most of our feeding needs. We decided to engage in a number of activities to meet some our need.

Barnabas Farm Project


We have 5 acre farm land where we are growing maize, vegetable and fruit crops. To get maximum produce from our farm we will fence up our farm, dig in a well, buy water cistern and do irrigation. By doing so will not be depending on rains which are unreliable to grow crops but will have enough water to do irrigation and hence maximize our production. We also have a plan of buying dairy cows whose milk will be used by our children and the extra for sell. 

Please have a look at the photos below. These are taken during dry season. We hope to provide you with photos of a green garden very soon. If you would like to support us with building the water system in order to get the farm running, we would be more than happy. Please contact us here. You can also send your donations directly, without contacting us (please click here).

Barnabas Chicken Project

Our latest project towards more self sustainability is our poultry farm. We keep broilers (chicken for meet) and coming up will be setting up layers to provide eggs to our children.



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