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Welcome to Barnabas Children Center


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“Putting a Smile.”  

Our Motto

Every child deserves to have access to every basic requirement that will enable him or her to grow up to a responsible and productive adult. That is what we at Barnabas children center do.


We help children who by unfortunate circumstance are unable to access all the basic requirements that a child needs.

Our greatest gift to any child is LOVE which many orphans in Kenya communities lack. Our main objectives are to minister to the holistic needs of the orphans, the disabled and the vulnerable children. Our motto is simple, yet powerful: “Putting a Smile :)

Today, we accommodate over 500 children in our schools and 52 children in the orphanage  and we are striving to spread our mindset even further. We follow our mission to be a leading humanitarian assistance organization giving sustainable needs of the whole being day by day.

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Do you want to be part of our mission?

We couldn’t have come so far without your generous support. We truly thank you.” 

Harrison, Founder and Headmaster

There are many ways to help our project and give our children the opportunity to learn and grow. Become a sponsor, help us by volunteering on site or contribute by giving just a little amount - everything is welcomed and highly appreciated!

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